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There is no doubt that a mentor can be very advantageous for your career. A mentor can help you navigate your way by providing some sound advice and support. A good mentor is someone who has walked a similar path and can guide you as you pursue your academic studies or career. BASF has two persons dedicated to helping you find and connect with an appropriate mentor, they are Garry Saunders, Secretary of BASF and Sylvia Piggott, President of BASF. The following are some sites where you can find a mentor.

Concordia University
Concordia Alumni Connect

McGill University
The McGill Mentor Program, which traces its roots back to 1995, was founded by the Student Organization for Alumni Relations (SOAR). The program is now managed through a partnership between the McGill Alumni Association (MAA) and the Career Planning Service (CaPS). McGill Mentor Program | Career Planning Service

Mentorship programs | Career Development Office Faculty of Law’s Alumni Mentorship Program is part of the « Réseau d’expertise en droit | Law Inspiration NetworK », or REDLINK, a joint project of the CDO and Student Affairs Office.

Bishops University

Black MTL

If you are unable to find a suitable mentor you may contact Garry Saunders or Sylvia Piggott at BASF who will assist you in finding someone who meets your needs.