Scholarship Application Guidelines

To ensure that your application receives consideration, please follow these guidelines. They are intended to clarify all areas of the application process:

BASF offers a number of scholarships. Please review the criteria for each and then complete the scholarship application based on your current status.

  • You must be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident, currently residing in Quebec.
  • All applications, letters of consideration and essays must be signed. Electronic signatures will be accepted if your application is being emailed. Actual signatures will be required for those sent by regular mail.
  • You must complete page 2 of the application – sections related to employment, activities, and references.
  • Reference letters must be current – not older than 3 months.
  • You must include a CV (resumé).
  • If you are applying for the Graduate scholarship, please include your letter of acceptance from the Graduate School you intend to attend.
  • TRANSCRIPTS AND REFERENCE LETTERS NEED TO BE AUTHENTICATED. They will be accepted in the following formats:
    • Only OFFICIAL academic transcripts, bearing the institution’s seal will be accepted. They must be mailed, as copies and emailed documents cannot be authenticated. Copies and web-based transcripts are NOT acceptable.
    • COPIES of Secondary V Certificates for Health Sciences/Nursing students will be accepted.
    • ORIGINAL signed reference letters can be mailed directly to BASF, or accompany your mailed applications.
    • If your application is being emailed, then your referees can either mail the reference letters directly to BASF or email the original signed reference letter from his/her email address.
  • Letters of consideration and essays on Jackie Robinson should not exceed one page – i.e. maximum of one page for your letter and one page for your essay.
  • Your essay on Jackie Robinson is free form, and can consist of anything you consider relevant – e.g. what his achievements mean to you, his impact on sports, the Black community, etc.